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Confidence & Self Esteem

Confidence – “A state of trust, reliance, a feeling of hope on which one relies”.

Confidence is something that we develop from birth, no one is born full of confidence. Throughout our lives we learn behaviours from our experiences.

Our unconscious mind makes all kinds of decisions for us based on our learned responses. As we get older some of those responses now hold us back. We lack confidence in certain situations, Giving a presentation at work, meeting new people, putting forward our opinions, saying what we believe.

Build Confidence with NLP Mindfulness & Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Helps You to “Be” More Self Confident. How? Through the use of your unconscious mind and the development of skills & resources you already have, yet don’t realise they are there! The Changist works with you, giving you key skills to increase your confidence.

NLP and Hypnotherapy can bring about amazing and rapid personal change. Imagine having all the confidence you need. on tap at any moment!

Confidence Building Therapy Program

Time to Break the Cycle? Break away from negative thoughts and limiting beliefs about yourself and your abilities. What you think affects how you feel, affects how you behave. NLP Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy works on all levels so making significant changes very quickly.

What is COURAGE? – “Not the absence of fear or dispair, but the strength to conquor them!”

How long does it take?

A program tailored specifically to your personal needs and issues takes between 3 and 6 sessions. You will notice an immediate affect and you will be able confidently to make significant changes to your life. You deserve the best!

Self Esteem

Self Esteem is something that gets knocked throughout our lives. We don’t always realise that its getting dented, bashed and diminished! Sometimes its just little things, unkind words or big things like parents, teachers, partners, work colleagues.

Our Self Esteem is the part of us that people often don’t see. It’s the part that’s under the water line – like an Iceburg.

It is our personality & character. All anyone ever sees of us is the behaviour showing above the waterline. No one sees the Thoughts, Values, Beliefs, Feelings, and Self Worth that actually drives those behaviours.

NLP and Hypnotherapy to Build Self-Esteem

Through NLP and Hypnotherapy it is easy to change if YOU want to!

Have the courage pick up the phone and make that call!

Why not try a one day workshop to see how it actually works!

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