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Interview Skills

What do you need to get that promotion, or that job? Interviewing and being interviewed is becoming more complex every day. In the current economic climate how does the employer select the right candidate and how does the candidate ensure they get chosen?

This intensive one day practical workshop provides you with the skills to deliver that polished performance to achieve your goal!

Through a practical workshop we explore these issues, developing strategies for excellence, understanding verbal and non verbal behaviours, how to present oneself at interviews and how to ensure we all make the most of the opportunities.

Using live video feeds we unpick the best of your existing skills and rebuild and enhance those areas that need to be developed.

We start the day reviewing our communication models and language patterns, we then go through a series of practical exercises to hone your skills.

Using the art & science of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Carol the founder of The Changist will work with each participant preparing them to be at their optimum for the interview, creating Circles of Confidence & other cutting edge techniques.

You deserve the very best so book now on this fantastic workshop.

Your investment £150 Special limited offer £75

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