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The complexity of the human mind, body and soul is often struggling with the pressures and stresses of the modern world.

The Changist provides a number of different therapies which are used to support your health and wellbeing, so reducing stress and improving our general health on an emotional and physical level.

All living things are made up of living energy, but our energies can become blocked. This was only seen by “sensitives” who can see our energy (“Auras”), energy centres (“chakras”), and our moving energy lines (“meridians”).

How can our energies be seen?

These can now be seen by modern technology. Dr Harry Oldfield has invented a Bio Energy Camera called New Energy Vision (NEV). The Changist uses this system for clients to actually see the condition of their energy and “see” the real benefits of sessions.

The Changist is fully professionally qualified and insured, experienced and empathetic to client’s needs.

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