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Stress Management

“Learn to ride the waves, not just weather the storm”

The Changist runs a number of “Stress Buster” courses and workshops, these tackle the underlying causes of stress, learning to identify stressers early as well as simple processes to reduce our stress levels, learning methods of relaxation and visualisation all create a calmer atmosphere at home and work, so improving your overall wellness enabling you to live a healthier and calmer lifestyle.

Managing Stress Workshop

This one day workshop will help you understand your stress and learn techniques to manage life better and easier. so reducing your stress and enabling you to live a calmer and more stress free life.

Relaxation & Mindfulness Workshop

This is a one day workshop held on the beautiful Quantock Hills

Stress Management for Managers

This is delivered as a one day workshop or 4 weeks of two hour sessions.

Managers often have to carry the stress of their staff, delivering targets and the organisation, this often means that their own stress is not recognised or managed.

This practical workshop addresses the key areas of stress management ensuring managers are able to look after their staff, as well as their own needs.

We look at stress indicators, practical methods of managing stress, simple relaxation techniques, reviewing core beliefs that can create internal conflict & increase our stress levels.

All participants will be able to reduce their own stress levels, improve their sleep patterns. reduce tension & anxiety thereby enabling better healthy living.

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