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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is an individualised approach to your professional development, it is focused on results and outcomes. Our coaching sessions are offered face to face or via the telephone. We offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation.

The Changist’s experienced professional team will help you improve your people skills, reduce staff turnover, improve your communication techniques, we will help you enhance the leadership within your business, so increasing sales and profits.

We will help you to drive through any necessary changes within your business, help you to manage your time more effectively and to take your development to the next level. We will work with you to assisting you in formulating solutions to your challenges and difficulties.

Every individual has their own strengths as well as areas needing some improvement. We aim to help you use your strengths and develop your areas needing more work.

There is a difference between intra and inter – personal skills. Which is your strength?

What The Changist will do for you

We will develop and help you grow your personal and professional confidence

  • Develop your communiucation skills and teach you cutting edge advanced communication techniques
  • Improve your people management skills
  • Help you to motivate and build productive teams
  • Support you in addressing concerns about in house issues that you can’t discuss with others in your organisation
  • Provide you with someone who understands what you’re facing and whom you can confide in
  • Improve your development as a person, as a leader and take your business to the next level

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