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Diversity Awareness

This workshop covers all aspects of diversity & equality in the workplace. It provides a safe environment to discuss the human differences which make us all unique. Practical ideas for managing and supporting difference within our diverse communities.

The workshop covers Gender, Disability, Religion and Beliefs, Age, Sexual Orientation, and Race.

Businesses attending or booking this course will additionally be supported through the process of – Developing policies and strategies to ensure fairness and compliance with legislation as well as challenging stereotypes. Making your workplace more open and fair so ensuring a happier and more productive environment.

Equality Legislation can be complex –

Since the first anti-discrimination legislation was passed the number of legal provisions to deal with discrimination has grown very rapidly: there are now more than 35 Acts, 52 Statutory Instruments, 13 Codes of Practice, 3 Codes of Guidance and 16 EC Directives and Recommendations. This makes it difficult for anyone to understand their rights and responsibilities, and there are numerous inconsistencies, with some people having more rights than others.

Promoting equality is a legal requirement that ensures that everyone is treated fairly, given equal access to opportunities and services, and not subject to unlawful discrimination. Diversity takes this a step further, promoting inclusiveness by ensuring everyone is valued as a unique individual and celebrating our difference. Managing diversity is about ensuring that all employees have the opportunity to maximize their potential and enhance their self-development and contribution to the organisation.

Promoting Equality and Diversity in the Workplace –

More organisations and businesses are recognising the benefits of promoting equality and diversity in their workplace, which include:

the greater quantity and variety of skills, talents and viewpoints brought about by a broader based workforce and client base
the opportunities presented by the diverse marketplace
a diversification and expansion of your customer base, attracted by the diverse workforce
increased motivation of your current staff
an expansion in the potential workforce
an ability to retain staff, especially where a high level of investment has been made
improved public image — as an employer and service provider
Our Equality and Diversity Consultants can help your organisation achieve these benefits.

Our expert knowledge and experience will also assist you:

in the development and implementation of an effective Equality and Diversity Strategy/Policy
produce a model Equality Scheme
carry out Impact Assessments to verify the effect of policies and decisions on minority groups
equality-proof policies and services to ensure they do not inadvertently discriminate against any group or person
offer training for managers to improve their ability to manage diversity and to respond to the diverse needs of people with different racial and cultural backgrounds,
provide equality and diversity training which is practical, innovative, challenging and most of all fun—covering all the equality and diversity strands namely: gender, disability, race, sexual orientation, age and religion & beliefs.
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