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Phobias and Fears

Does your fear or phobia hold you back?

Whether it’s a fear of exams, the dentist, public speaking, flying or even snakes, phobias are very real and can seriously restrict your life. The Changist can easily and simply help you lose these phobias to free yourself from the restrictions they are placing on you.

Twenty Years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didnt do, than by the things you did do” -Mark Twain

Why do we have phobias?

There are a number of theories as to why people have phobias or fears, these include the Behaviourist explanation which suggests that a phobia arises from a single frightening experience, the Psychoanalytical explanation which says that a phobia masks anxieties dating back to childhood and the Cognitive explanation that phobias are learned gradually over time through a process of distortion.

Cure Phobias with NLP and Hypnotherapy

NLP and Hypnotherapy are well known to assist with phobias and fears. “The Phobia cure” is an NLP technique which has given relief to 1,000s of clients. This process, given its proper title is the Double V-k Dissociation Technique.

Using the power and magic of your own mind to address the underlying issues that have created the fear or phobia, it incorporates an element from each of the 3 other approaches. From the NLP perspective a Phobia is defined as a “single trial learning experience that can get complicated by other beliefs and events”.

Regardless of how or why the phobia has come about the double V -k dissociation technique is an “elegant” and simple way to destabilise the phobic response and replace it with a new positive pattern which changes the clients response.

The Phobia Cure

This “Phobia Cure” is used with other techniques and processes to facilitate the required change, so leaving you free to get on with your life, without that fear or phobia that has been holding you back!

You deserve the life you dream of – So book The Changist now!

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